The Myth of Kalvartr

This is a high-fantasy series I am working on. So far I have punched in quite a few pages and many, MANY hours of research. There is just so much to learn and so much to include in a fantasy story. It is very different from my other YA series, though I feel fantasy may be my true calling in the writing world. Here is the blurb for The Myth of Kalvartr:

At the heart of Asarelith lies a terrible secret; a secret so powerful that it could disrupt the peace held between the five provinces. The victims of dark magick have been reawakened and now roam the land, guided by the whispered words of an unknown terror. The Bloodguard, protectors sworn to the Eternal King of the old world, have reappeared in the Zhan Kingdom. They are searching for the heirs of their master, eager to overthrow the false king and return the true heirs to their rightful place on the throne.

Others would see them fail. Assassins, sorcerers, and even gods will stand in the way of restoring Asarelith back to its former glory. Wars will break loose, secrets will unfold, and the truths of Zhan will surface once more in this epic fantasy novel.

The reader will find oneself in the land of Asarelith, traveling the five provinces with a collection of colourful characters. You will meet the true heirs of the Zhan Kingdom to the east, the hunters of the Frozen Lands to the north, the slaves within the Vale to the west, and those who lurk in the forest of Amyn Lune to the south.


You can learn more about The Myth of Kalvartr on my Facebook page, or drop by here from time to time to check for updates. There are sample chapters available for download for free on Smashwords in any reader format. The PDF version is available here.

I’d also like to thank everyone for supporting me with this series so far. Kalvartr has been quite the hit on Smashwords and I am pleased to see that people like it so much. Thanks, guys! : )

Myth of Kalvartr


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