Sky Pirate, Book Two of The Skylands Series

Book two in The Skylands series and the sequel to Sky Knight will be called Sky Pirate. I was hoping to release the book in April but I was so busy with other projects that Sky Pirate had to be pushed ahead. Now I’m back to fully focusing upon this project until it’s completed. Everything else can wait.

Without further ado, here is the cover:

Sky Pirate

There will probably be a few tweaks here and there before the book is released. 🙂

I’m posting the text from the back below, but be warned: If you haven’t read the first book, the plot line will be spoiled. Many spoilers ahead; tread with caution!


Betrayed by the Skylands and locked away within the Asylum, Taliah Storme attempts to cope with what she now knows about the Vhel’hema government. Being forced into a traitorous lifestyle does not sit well with the former sky knight, though returning to her old employment would be against her very nature.

Taliah must again join forces with sky pirate Captain Erikson Roarke in a fight to destroy the corrupt ways of the Skylands. Yet nothing comes easy–or without a price. Tackling the Skylands will test Taliah’s will, her faith, and her determination to finish what she started. With lives on the line, will she surrender to defeat or push forward to victory?


There is no release date set yet, but since I’ve just about reached the editing stage of the journey, it shouldn’t be much longer. The ending is still giving me trouble–so many possibilities!–and I need to do a little more research on certain types of machinery.

I’ll have more information posted about Sky Pirate over the next few weeks, so stay tuned! Some new tidbits about the plot line will be added, and I have a fun project to post related to the Skylands.

Happy reading,


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