For Procrastinators (Like Me)

So you’re a procrastinator. Most writers are (from what I can tell, at least). Over the years I’ve found different ways to battle against procrastination, and I’ve compiled a list to help my fellow sufferers. You can thank me later (get it????) Ha ha ha…. ahhhh.


  1. Reading! This is not only fun, but it helps you learn. Reading improves your writing ability and often sneaks a word or two into your vocabulary.
  2. Blogging! If you’re stuck on your novel, write a blog post about what’s on your mind. Sometimes it helps. Other times you’re stuck staring at the computer screen. In which case–
  3. Social Media! This seriously helps clear my head. Interacting with writing peers and talking about books always helps me get my focus back. At the same time it also helps build your writer platform, so it’s all good.
  4. Chores! When you’re procrastinating writing, even chores can be accomplished! Trust me, I’ve cleaned a lot of things to get out of writing a chapter I’ve been stuck on.
  5. Watch a Show! People (the scientist-kind) say you should have breaks while writing. Taking a 40 minute break to watch a television show you’ve fallen behind on is a great way to relax until you need to write again.
  6. Motivating Snacks! Mmmmm… snacks! No ice cream until you write that page! Usually works well.
  7. Organization! Figure out what you want to write before you sit down.
  8. Write about what you want to write about– Basically, write a blurb of the scene you just can’t get out of your head. After a while, it will come to you.
  9. Setting! Not the one in your plot. That one is important, too, but I mean the room you’re in. Have good lighting and a comfortable place to sit. I tend to zone out if the lighting is poor and I get sleepy. Avoid that. It makes you think about bed. Mmmmm… bed.
  10. Coffee or Tea! Last but certainly not least, the ultimate motivation: having a cup of hot coffee or tea! It always gets me out of a tired, procrastinating state.

Hopefully some of these tactics will help you get back into the zone.

Happy writing,


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