Flat Endings

Very pleased to visit Goodreads and see my “2016 Reading Challenge” is already 6% completed. I’ve decided to read 50 books throughout the year, and I’m not going to fail. Or that’s what I’ve told myself so far, at least. The problem is finding the right standalone books to keep me interested in binging a few stories a week.

I’m currently on a fairytale retelling kick. I’ve read A Thousand Nights, The Wrath and the Dawn, and Princess of Thorns. Two of these are standalone stories, and I was excited for both, but I couldn’t help but feel I was let down towards the end–especially in the case of Princess of Thorns. Don’t get me wrong. A Thousand Nights is beautifully written and has magic galore, but its blurb wasn’t true to the actual story. If I hadn’t read the blurb, and wasn’t promised a book filled with nights of magical stories and a girl who falls in love, then I would have truly loved this tale to the fullest.

As to Princess of Thorns, the ending was the flattest of any I’ve ever read. So much build-up throughout the story and then someone shouts “just kidding!” and the plot crumbles. The person shouting was me, of course, because I felt incredibly betrayed. Reading through an entire book, being told again and again how terrible the baddies are and how the world is going to end if this and that isn’t done, and then reaching the end only to have the plotline carried away by the wind is seriously disappointing.

I’ve tried reading a few other stories last month, as well, but I’ve had to stop halfway through because they just weren’t for me. I need a fantastic standalone story that won’t leave me feeling empty after reading it. Something with the magic of Inkheart and the adventure of The Lord of the Rings. I’m on a quest to find that perfect book, and I’m sure out of the 100+ books I have on my Goodreads shelf, I’ll find that book and more. Honestly, I should really finish the list before adding more to it, anyway. It’s getting a little out of hand.

I haven’t yet decided which book to read next, but I’ll probably stick to the fairytale retelling genre for a while yet. Maybe some Beauty and the Beast retellings… or I’ll branch out and see if anything has been done in the steampunk area.

Back to writing for me, though! Just finished a rather intense chapter of Sky Knight‘s sequel. I feel like a horrible person now, but I think that’s a normal reaction to destroying a character’s life. 😉

Happy reading,


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