2016 Awakens

Here we are once again, at the beginning of a new year.

I’ve decided to abandon all promises to make resolutions, saying that I’d only like to read and write more this year than the last. I know I have a meme somewhere about New Year resolutions, about how they last about as long as a goldfish’s memory. “Losing weight” or “spending less” are popular choices, it seems, but I’ve given no thought to 2016 and what it entails. The crossover between years came and went like any other day, and this week feels no different than the last.

The arrival of a new year, however, inspires some to work harder, to do better. I will no doubt think the same over the next few months, and will most likely update my blog with my progress through my list of books I’ve been reading since Christmas holidays. It’s not a normal list, by any means, with several genres I never visit included. I’m excited to branch out to other kinds of stories–thrillers, mysteries, possibly even horror.

Perhaps not horror.

I believe the worst thing I’ve experienced so far in this new, shiny year is the feeling of disappointment after reading the blurb of a book, gathering my excitement for the magical tale, and then discovering the story wasn’t as stunning as I’d thought it to be. More on that later, of course. My favourite part? Reclaiming my love for reading, as it has been absent throughout most of 2015. I may have read a handful of books last year, which I’m thoroughly ashamed of, to be honest.

This year, however, I feel will be different. There are things I am excited for this year, moments I’m looking forward to, and I have projects waiting to be finished and published. The Secret World of Dragons is to be re-released soon, all shiny like 2016, and the sequel to Sky Knight is nearing completion. Other works are waiting in line, and may be shown the light of day towards the end of the year (or by mid-year). They aren’t collecting dust, though. I’ve been polishing them as I have the others, and will be excited to finally show them off.

During the holidays, I’ve not been idle. My holidays were a mixture of reading, playing tactics games, and writing. I spent several nights devoted to scribbling out chapters of a story I’m so in love with that I fear it may never be as perfect as I’ve envisioned it. The stories in our minds are rarely as magical and complete as what we write out on pages, as hard as we try to make them so. We can only hope to breathe a little life into a story and then give it to the world to thrive on its own. A reader will find the magic where a writer cannot.

Now I’m rambling, so I’ll end the post here before I spiral away. I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas (or whichever holiday was celebrated over the winter break), and I hope the new year treats you well!

Happy New Year,


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