Avalon Expo – Book Signing Event

I’m seriously the worst at posting stuff on time, but I guess that’s one of the cons of being a writer for so long. If you’ve been following me on Twitter lately, you might have noticed all the bizarre photos of costumes I’ve been uploading. Bizarre photos are pretty much the only kind of photos I post anyway, so… I guess it was no different than usual? Ahem. The Avalon Expo. Right. Let’s talk about that.

Sitting at table

I had this whole plan put together: Enter this event, make a Steampunk costume, sell some books. So, like the procrastinator I am, I rushed together a costume in a matter of two days (hahaha…haha…ha…sadface). Apparently I fooled everyone, because I was complimented on all the hard work I did. Everything came out of my closet and was either pinned together or cut up to create the articles of clothing I needed. No one should ever do this. Don’t be a procrastinator. It’s stressful.

In front of table

Hopefully next year when I attend another event, I’ll have something better put together (but I doubt it).

On the plus side, the event was super fun. I met many interesting people (shout out to all my creative neighbouring tables), bought a few trinkets to add to my collection of trinkets, and sold some books! I learnt there are other authors in my area (and just creative people in general) and even spoke to a few of them, which was cool. Also, the costumes were on-point for some people. Totally ran into some of my favourite sci-fi characters; the jealousy is real.

Anyone who bought a book at the event was entered to win the sequel, though the contest winner won’t be announced until next year when the sequel is in my hands. I want to attend more events between now and then and give more people the chance to enter.

I’ll be honest: I was pretty nervous. It was my first book signing and there were so many people there. By the second day, however, I was feeling pretty confident to talk to anyone. I guess that’s how it goes for authors. And I finally got through that “What’s your book about?” question that I dread. Like seriously, someone asks me that and I freeze. “Oh, um, it’s about, well, a woman who’s a knight in the skies…” Yeah. Really pathetic. Yet I somehow managed to make a compelling blurb by the end of the first day and made it even better by the second day. And I somehow also managed to sell books with my awkward blathering.

just me and my book

I learned I need to come up with something better to write when I sign books–something creative or catchy. I’m sure I’ll think of something before the next convention swings around. Until then, I have my sequel to work on and the new makeover of The Secret World of Dragons. It’s almost complete. The cover is finished, though I don’t want to release it until I’m done the first draft and started the editing process of the story.

Now on to play more #1lineWed on Twitter.

Happy writing,



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