A Stranger in the Garden – Teaser Thursday

Welcome to Teaser Thursday! Here’s a snippet from my WIP high fantasy, The Myth of Kalvartr.


The force of another body colliding into her nearly knocked her down.

It took a moment to regain her balance, grabbing for a nearby lantern post to steady her footing, though her victim was already neatly composed when Annabelle gazed upon him. She noticed how strange his clothes looked—all the wrong colours for the Zhan Kingdom and tailored differently. His face was also unfamiliar, not at all angled in an Emperian-like way, and he was tall. Too tall.

She then realized she was openly staring and promptly burst into a string of apologies before her sense entirely left her.

“I’m so sorry! Goddess Marieas, I’m clumsy! Are you hurt, sir? Tell me you aren’t!”

The stranger raised a hand to calm her and then shook his head. “The fault is mine, my lady. I did not see you.”

He had a strange tone to his voice, this man, something unfamiliar that tried to disguise itself as the Emperian accent.

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