Positive Attitude for Writers

This Tuesday I’m going to talk about something a little different. I normally post writing tips on Tuesday, though today I’m going to touch upon something that’s just as important as writing a good story: Your attitude as a writer.

All authors have (or should have) a social media presence. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, or Google+, your attitude is something you need to take into account when both starting your writing career and continuing on your path to success.

So why exactly is this so important? Let me explain.

I browse around a lot on Twitter. I like reading tweets about writing, reading, and finished accomplishments. Yet when I come across a negative outlook or a writer complaining about something, I immediately flee in the opposite direction. Why? Because I don’t want to read about how much their manuscript sucks or how the publishing industry is tearing them apart. Everything is all doom and gloom and dark storm clouds with them and I don’t want to get wrapped up in that. Neither does anyone else.

Perhaps I sound a bit harsh, but it’s the truth. We go on social media platforms to connect with others, to share news and engage in fun conversation. If you continuously spout negativity, people are going to ignore you, and your attitude might just start influencing other writers to think the same way, which also causes them to steer away from you.

Everyone has trouble with their writing at some point or another, yet not everyone chooses to share this. My Twitter account is full of positive quotes, memes, photos, and tips; you won’t find anything negative on my wall. Does that mean my life is encompassed by rainbows and sunshine? Definitely not. I struggle just as much as any writer out there–and twice as much as traditionally published authors because I’m an indie. Yet I never talk about how hard it is or how frustrated I sometimes get, because no one likes reading negativity–and I honestly don’t want to spread that kind of attitude to others.

Having a positive attitude is the key to having a healthy social media presence. Staying positive even in the face of hardship is a great way to keep not only your own spirits up but the spirits of others, as well. So instead of talking about how bad your story is, try to see the good in it and work upon it. Share opinions with others and stay involved with the community you’ve established. A great attitude will make you friends and overall keep your social media page a great and fun place to visit.

Happy writing,



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