A Morning with the Reeves – Teaser Thursday

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you may have read a few of my tweets concerning my rewrite of The Secret World of Dragons. Yesterday I managed to complete the first chapter. I’m over halfway through the book, but the intro was really frustrating me. Now it’s finally done and I’m going to share the first few paragraphs as a teaser.

Happy reading,



Chapter One

“How many times are you going to fall for that trick?”

After four races, Lucas Reeve still hadn’t won a game of the newest Mario Kart against his daughter, Emmaline. She sat cross-legged next to him on the couch in their living room with a controller clutched in her hands, her coffee on the low table abandoned and cold while his had been greedily consumed two rounds ago.

“What can I say? I keep hoping my daughter won’t stoop to such levels.”

Emma laughed and set another trap on the shortcut she knew he would take next, preparing for another win. She didn’t know whether he was just bad at video games or if he’d been purposely losing to her over the years.

“Maybe you should put on your glasses. It might help.” Emma cast her father a sidelong glance. They’d just woken up, so both were still in pajamas, yet while Emma had brushed out her long, russet hair, his was the same black mess it always was.

“I think I lost them… Oh, come on!” Lucas drove straight into the trap as Emma predicted, and she grinned.

2 thoughts on “A Morning with the Reeves – Teaser Thursday

  1. It’s nice, I like the feeling between father and daughter, tough there are things I still can’t tell, for example, how old Emma is (though I’m incline to belive she’s a young teenager?)

    I’m just wondering about the opening line. I think opening with ‘After four races’, and maybe not mentioning right away it’s a video game, may be more intersting than starting with isolated dialogue.
    Just my idea.

    And sorry if I nose into your story. I’m revising my opening too, so I’m particularly sensitive to this subject 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good luck with your opening revision! I hope everything works out well for you. ^_^

      I’ve been told by a few readers the opening dialogue is good so I’ll probably keep it that way. Though, I might place it below the first paragraph if I change my mind. I think stating it’s a game right away would keep people from being confused. Not everyone plays video games, after all. 🙂

      As to your wondering about her age/school, you’re right! She is indeed a teenager. Sixteen, in fact. I mention she goes to high school a few lines just after this snippet. I just didn’t want to post up too much (like my very first teaser post. Oops!). Also, I don’t like including all the information about a character on the very first page. 🙂


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