“Just a Shadow” – Teaser Thursday

So last Thursday I may have did the whole “teaser” thing wrong. I saw one yesterday and it was just a paragraph long (oops). So from now on you’re only getting snippets, I tell you, snippets!

Here’s this week’s teaser, pulled straight from chapter 5 of The Secret World of Dragons rewrite:

The metal door creaked when Simon pushed it open, and a bright light poured out from inside. Emma glanced over her shoulder, an eerie feeling tingling down her back. She could’ve sworn she had seen two golden eyes staring at her out there in the darkness, past the wide road and the dark lumps she assumed to be houses, but whatever it was vanished before she could properly see it.

“Emma?” The black cat stepped to her side, ears perked. “What are you staring at?”

“Nothing,” she quickly replied. “Just a shadow.” She moved past him and entered the house, and he followed, keeping a watchful eye turned towards the darkness.

2 thoughts on ““Just a Shadow” – Teaser Thursday

  1. Well, yeah, normally this kind of meme are meant for very short excerpts. I’m doing one on my blog too, happening on Sundays, and I’ve seen at least another one happening on Wednesdays. Short snippets are so much more likely to be read.

    This one is creepy! I really like the mysterious atmosphere of the first part. In the secodn part, tention goes a bit down, with Emma downplaying what she thinks she saw, but it works all the same, in my opinion 🙂

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    • I believe I was thinking of “Sneak Peek Saturday” or something. haha. That’s when half a chapter (or the whole chapter) is put up for people to read.

      Thanks! I chose this one for the creepy factor. I know I’ve said in the past that I don’t like scary stuff, but I find I do write some eerie scenes sometimes in my stories. 🙂

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