Upcoming Projects + Giveaway News

I thought I should fill everyone in on what I’m currently up to since I haven’t shared in a while. I have a few projects on the table, including the sequel to Sky Knight, my WIP high fantasy series, and a rewrite of The Secret World of Dragons. I started the latter a week ago and was hoping to release it (along with a free giveaway) as a surprise when I reached 1000 followers on Twitter, but my follower count is over 900 right now and I’m nowhere near finished with the book. So the re-release will be delayed a while.

My plan with The Secret World of Dragons is to rewrite the entire trilogy and release them as a set with new cover art. Each will be updated separately, as well, with the same covers. The giveaway will be a weekday thing.

I’m pretty excited to be doing this. Dragons is my debut novel and over three years old. I’ve improved my writing so much since then that I felt it was only necessary to rewrite my first book. The plot will remain the same, but the structure will improve in every way possible.

The sequel to Sky Knight (title and cover and blurb unannounced for suspense purposes) has been plotted out and started. I have a few chapters written and plan to finish the story as soon as Dragons is finished.

My WIP high fantasy story (The Myth of Kalvartr, for those who’ve heard of it in the past through my blog) will be a while yet until release, but there is so much written already. I look forward to releasing this one.

Also, I mentioned my Twitter followers earlier. I just want to say THANK YOU to all of them. I had Twitter back in 2009 (’10?) and had about 100 followers or less. I gave up Twitter a few months after joining, not seeing the interest in it. Six weeks ago, I returned to the Twitter world and gained over 850 followers since then! I’m really pleased with how things are going and happy to be able to interact with so many writers, readers, and artists.

Because of Twitter, my Sky Knight book giveaway has been going extremely well. Over 100 people have entered the contest so far, and there’s still six days left to join in! If you’re a steampunk fan, I urge you to check out my pinned tweet!

Many of you are following along with my high fantasy writing tips here on this blog and I appreciate all the kind words you’ve given me over the past week. I have many more posts to write in this category over the year as I continue along with my fantasy story.

Thank you for reading, everyone–and happy writing!



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