Ebook Giveaway Contest

I’m hosting an ebook giveaway for Sky Knight, my newly released steampunk novel (now rated 5 stars!). The giveaway is featured on Goodreads. Just click “attending event” to enter the contest. (Giveaway link)

Everyone can also add Sky Knight to their “to read” list, or head over to my twitter page and RT my pinned book giveaway tweet or drop me a mention saying, “I would like to enter the contest to win Sky Knight”. Every entry gives you a better chance to win!

Winners will be picked on the 1st of June when the contest ends. A message will be sent to the winners and an email is required to receive the book.

My twitter name is @sandrasstories

Book blurb:

“Taliah Storme is a sky knight, a protector of the Skylands. Armed with an airship and a full crew, her newest task should be a simple one: bring in the sky pirate, Captain Erikson Roarke. Yet the mission proves to be more challenging than anticipated when Taliah finds herself stranded in the perilous Lowerlands with the criminal she was supposed to arrest.

While dealing with the dangers of the surface world, Taliah also has to find a way to work with Erikson in order to return to the skies. Her conviction towards capturing the pirate begins to fade, however, when she uncovers strange incidents related to the Skylands. Now doubting her very purpose, Taliah plunges towards the truth, disregarding all warnings to stop searching for answers.”

5 Star Steampunk Adventure

5 Star Steampunk Adventure


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