Sky Knight Printed Copies

It’s been a great Wednesday so far. I checked the mailbox today and my printed proof of Sky Knight was inside! I’m actually impressed by the shipping speed this time around. Three days to ship across country is excellent.

The print came out fantastic this time around. The colours are perfect (though the cover unfortunately looks a bit orange whenever I take a photo) and the font came out nice and crisp. I have to say, Garamond looks lovely in print. I’m tempted to use it for all future books but I’m committed to using Baskerville for my high fantasy series.

It’s going to take a few days for Amazon to put up the sale page, but Sky Knight can be found on the Createspace store in the meantime.

For those of you who prefer eBooks, I’m doing an eBook giveaway over on Goodreads until the end of May. Be sure to join in for a chance to win a free eBook! 🙂

Sky Knight20150520_142522


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