Rewriting Your Novel

I started rewriting The Myth of Kalvartr a few weeks ago, and during my writing journey I discovered a few things about rewriting that I hadn’t in the past.

Usually when rewriting, I bring up both the new and old documents side-by-side on my computer and then go from there, but I’ve noticed an unfortunate habit while writing this way. When comparing the story side-by-side, there are very few changes made to the new WIP. I find my creativity is limited to whatever is on the other document, and it becomes more than just a guideline.

So I decided to scrap the writing side-by-side method. With just a blank page in front of me, I find new ideas spring to mind more often. I jot down major plot points on a sheet of paper and occasionally glance at it to guide me on my path, but my main focus is to just write what I feel sounds best. No looking at what was written before. Just write until the chapter is finished and all plot points are completed.

The moment I glanced at the old document to check something, my creativity stilled again and I was back to writing what was on the other page. I decided to throw out that whole new page of writing and start over. Once again, fresh ideas came to me and the story became even better than it was before.

I’d advise anyone doing a rewrite to try this method out. Avoid your old document after you’ve reread it and jotted down the major plot points per chapter. Open a new document and start fresh. It really breathes life into a story that otherwise felt flat in the beginning.

Now I’m going back to my WIP and continuing on to the next chapter. I have many new ideas to work with, and I’m definitely staying away from my old story.

Happy writing everyone!

~ Sandra

4 thoughts on “Rewriting Your Novel

  1. I tend to have the same problem. I’m currently gearing up for a rewrite of an MS that had serious defects, but if I allow myself to look at the old page, even to just save some turns of phrase… it makes me lazy.

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    • It’s strange, isn’t it? It’s like your creativity is just siphoned out by looking at the old work. Even if I try really hard not to keep things the same, it still ends up that way. This is why I’ve scrapped the idea of looking back.

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  2. I’ve discovered long ago that I can’t revrite on pc. I can write on it all right, but when I revise, I need to use pen and paper. If I use the pc, it happens what you say, I can’t really work new things on the page. But if I use pen and paper, everything evolves.


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    • That is strange! It’s weird how our mind works when it comes to writing. For example, I can’t write descriptions as well on paper as I can on PC anymore. I don’t know why that is, but I do love my journals. 🙂


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