Latest News + I’m Fine

Whooo… Once Upon a Time is over for the season, and what a finale!! I won’t post spoilers up, but basically everything hurts. Especially in my heart area. Summer’s my favourite season but it certainly sucks to say farewell to a good show until September swings back around.

In other news, I’m busy with a few projects, including: the sequel to my newly released steampunk novel, Sky Knight; my long awaited epic fantasy, The Myth of Kalvartr; and a few WIPs I haven’t named yet. But I can say they fall into the dark fantasy and magic genres.

I’m really excited about these newest projects, especially Kalvartr. I’ve finally worked out the plot line and it’s amazing. Be ready to read all about magick, ancient bloodlines, assassins, lost kings, powerful gods, and much, much more. There’s still so much left to write and many scenes to alter from the original draft but–challenge accepted.

My main focus is on the sequel to Sky Knight, though. I would like to finish the two-part series before publishing anything else. The adventures in the sequel will be much more harrowing than in the first book, with danger at every turn. That’s all I’ll say for now. 😉

I’ve also ordered a proof copy of the printed version of Sky Knight! It’ll be here later this month, so I’m pretty excited to see it! I’ll post some pictures up on both Twitter and Facebook once it comes.

Also, at the end of August there’s a good chance I’ll be attending a convention here in the city, where I’ll be signing and selling books at a table. I hope to meet some fellow fantasy authors there, as well! 🙂

I’m going to bed now–it’s pretty late here. I just wanted to catch the last episode of Once for the season and write a few pages of the Sky Knight sequel before bed. I hope everyone had a great weekend!

As always, happy writing!

~ Sandra

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