3 Ways to Improve Your Story as You Write

Editing can be a pain for some people. I have mixed feelings about it. Sometimes I enjoy editing; other times I don’t. I have a few tricks to make the work flow more smoothly.

  1. Revising as you go: I like to look back over what I’ve written earlier in the day, or wait a few days and then reread it. It helps the flow of the story and saves time later when you’re reading through for mistakes. It also keeps you always up-to-date with what’s happening with your characters and plotline.
  2. Write 10k-30k and review: Depending on how long your novel is going to be, write from 10k-30k and then stop to look it over. This is the intro to your book and when your plot will take off. If you don’t like it in this timeframe, then you should change it before you continue writing. This saves a LOT of time.
  3. Have a friend read along with you: This is a really neat tip. If you have someone who loves to read or just loves to play around with words, have them read along with you or shoot them sentences to see if they like what they see. It’s a fun practice and you’ll find structure errors or things you might have missed reading by yourself.

I hope you found these little tips helpful. They really do work. I’m finding my writing has improved since I’ve started using them.

Happy writing,


2 thoughts on “3 Ways to Improve Your Story as You Write

  1. It is also very important to write what you know. If you read nothing but Fantasy, try your hand at writing fantasy. If you want to write a YA or 9-12 novel/story. Read them, and familiarize yourself with the content of those stories!


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