Hey guys! I’m jumping on the bandwagon with the free ebooks sale. My YA/urban fantasy series [The Secret World of Dragons] can be grabbed for free over on Amazon. It’s aimed towards younger readers, but older audiences may find the quick read enjoyable, too! The free deal ends tomorrow night, though (Saturday, November 29th).

Here’s a blurb for those interested:

“The world of Dragonis is facing an unspeakable evil. The land is dying and so are the dragons. Only by piecing together the Dragon’s Tear—a magical relic of the past—can the world be saved. The heroine of the story is high schooler Emmaline Reeve, the descendant of the old hero of Dragonis. Her ancestor failed in saving the world nearly a thousand years ago, and now it’s up to her to set things right once again. She is whisked away from her own world into the secret world of dragons by a strange, talking creature and is joined by a handful of mysterious allies to face the new dangers. To save the future, she must uncover the truth of the past, all while evading the deadly creatures and their master of the eastern land. Emma holds one piece of the Tear. Her enemy holds the other. It’s a race against time to save the dying world of dragons.”

Head over to Amazon to support an indie author on Black Friday (and Saturday)!

Happy reading–or shopping! 😉


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