Upcoming Novel Details – Steampunk/Fantasy

Steampunk-Background-PC-Free-Download-PictureI’ve recently wandered into the exciting and diverse genre known as “steampunk”, and wow is there a lot to learn. From the way airships run to the culture of the era, I’ve gained a lot of information. The world of steampunk is simply fascinating, and I’ve decided to write my newest book in that genre. I’ve quite a bit done on it already, though I still have much to do. I’ll let you in on a few fun facts.

– the protagonist is a female Sky Knight who patrols the skies, hunting down criminals

– the world is separated into two divisions: the Skylands and the Lowerlands

– floating islands inhabit the skys

– the Lowerlands are early steampunk, relying on steam for power, while the Skylands have harnassed a unique type of power akin to magic

– there be sky pirates

That’s all I’m sharing! This story will be far darker than my Secret World trilogy and aimed towards adults. There’s currently no release date but I’m hoping to publish by late 2014 or early 2015. Stay tuned! I’ll be updating more about this book as I work through it, either here or on my Facebook author page. Really excited about this one.

And — as always — happy reading!

~ Sandra

P.S. Here’s a sample of the cover:



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