Charlie and the… Beauty Pageant?

I’ll not get into all the details, but this is apparently the newest cover for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a beloved children’s classic written by Roald Dahl, now put into Penguin’s modern classics.

Charlie's new cover












I’m not really sure what they were thinking when they approved this one. Sure, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory had some spoiled brats included, but should the cover really have one of them on it? And why does she look so much like a doll? And so frightened? It seems like such a strange cover. And why is this book included in the modern classics anyway? It’s a children’s book.

There’s been much controversy about this particular cover online these past few days. For my own opinion, I think if they absolutely had to include this book in their adult classics, they should’ve at least stuck to the theme of the book. Maybe at least made the cover with a boy on it? Since Charlie is in fact the main character of the story. But no. Not quite. It’s this strange image we’re given.

I like the idea of silhouettes–of simplistic covers–and I’ve noticed there have been some of those in Penguin’s past. I decided to make one, to counter the weirdness of this cover, just for fun. I would’ve liked to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at least have taken a turn towards the actual child aspects of the story and not this. Because you’re not just pushing it away from children–you’re pushing it away from the older audience who grew up reading this story. This cover doesn’t remind me of anything I loved about the story as a child, and that’s all there is to it.

~ Sandra



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