TV Show Spotlight–Once Upon A Time

Let’s just start this off by saying I am a huge Oncer. This is my favourite show on TV right now and this season’s finale was fan-tas-tic. I’ve probably watched it seven times already a few times by now and I still love it. Everything I expected from the show’s ending this season happened–even the arrival of the new “villain” at the end. Well, there was one thing that went wrong that I didn’t catch soon enough because I was so absorbed by the back-in-time adventure, but more on that later!



With less than two months left until the return of Once (two months is a long time, btw) I’ve decided to re-watch the entire series again, just to catch up on everything. It always surprises me how changed some characters are in season 3 when compared to season 1. The character arcs are probably my favourite part of the show; character development is my weakness, and I love how far the writers have brought these characters. And I expect the next season to be no different.

In the first season, Emma Swan (the hero and saviour of the story) was a guarded, cautious, don’t-get-involved kind of character, but by the end of season 3, we see all of that change. It’s the slow progression that makes it so good. And every major character has a complicated arc like this to get through. Every villain gets their own backstory. Every hero has to earn their title. The stories brought to life on Once Upon a Time are amazing and so well thought out, and they put such a spin on the original tales. For example, in Once, Peter Pan is the villain and Captain Hook the hero.

The writers really like bringing in “villains” that are misunderstood, as well. The end of the third season revealed that Elsa from Frozen would be part of the next season’s arc. I’m pretty sure Elsa isn’t going to be the villain, but there might be a misunderstanding before that becomes clear. My guess is that whoever Elizabeth Mitchell (from Lost; aren’t they all?) is playing–the original Snow Queen or Elsa and Anna’s mother–will be the real Big Bad this season. I feel like Elsa might get blamed for things going wrong that isn’t entirely her fault–but she might want revenge on Rumplestiltskin for locking her up in his vault. Who knows?

I’m curious to know what’s going to happen between Regina, Robin, and (spoiler, spoiler, spoiler, spoiler, spoiler, spoiler; if you look past this don’t say I didn’t warn you) Marion. This is the thing I was talking about earlier, the thing I missed because I wasn’t paying much attention to who she was (and probably because the last time I saw her she was with a completely different Robin because the actor was replaced). Regina and Robin are soul mates, but Marion is Robin’s wife. Complicated situation. But I’m sure the writers have it figured out–and hopefully won’t kill her off, because that’s the easy way out of it. (And you know Regina is going to end up with Robin, so you’re all just wondering how, right?)

But here’s the real mystery of the show: when is Hook getting real clothes? I mean I heard he is, but who knows when that’ll be. All I’ll be thinking is finally, because he’s the only character attached to his Enchanted Forest garb. But maybe that’s the point: he doesn’t want to let go of being a pirate just yet. Amongst the other spoilers was the hint that he may be getting his hand back, and I have a feeling–now that Henry will be working at Mr. Gold’s pawn shop–that the kid will be the one to find it. Maybe? Possibly? Yes?

And hopefully Emma is given more backstory episodes this season. I really want to see some of her bounty-hunting days, where she just catches bad guys, and explore that part of her life. We’ve seen the rough parts of her life (betrayed by Neal, giving up Henry, not having a home) but now I want to see her in action, doing her job, which we only saw a glimpse of in the first episode of the show. That scene is just awesome–and still is, no matter how many times you watch it.

Anyway, more than a little excited for next month to roll around. I’m hoping the writers throw out a promotional video for the new season soon, though that’s probably just going to make me more excited about it all.

On another note, the third Throne of Glass novel is out–Heir of Fire. Can’t wait to pick it up!!

Happy reading, guys!

~ Sandra

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