Quill Pens, My Newest Love

So I purchased a quill pen not long ago. I’ll post a picture of it.

quill pen

I just LOVE it! I’ve always wanted one. It has an owl feather, which is not what I originally had in mind. I was aiming for a black raven’s feather from London but they sold out. 😦 But I decided this one looked just as nice. I read online that it was difficult to use but I didn’t find it so bad. Now it just feels natural to write with, and I think I’ll use this pen as an excuse to write an entire book in my notebooks instead of on computer. I’m aiming for a stand-alone novel, but all of my ideas revolve around having multiple books. Trying to think up something new or to condense some of my other ideas but it’s difficult. :/

Does anyone have any great brainstorming techniques when it comes to creating new stories? I’d love to hear them!

~ Sandra

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