The Secret World of Truth–Released Today!!

Hey guys! Today is a BIG day for me. Finally, after hours of reading and rereading and editing, I have published The Secret World of Truth, the third and final book in The Secret World trilogy. If you’ve read the other two, you can find the third book here on Amazon Kindle. The print copy will be a while until release–probably a month at the most.

Finishing the final book to a series is rough stuff. I’m sure I doubted myself a hundred times during the writing process (and many times afterwards), trying to come up with a suitable ending. And you have to make sure you tie all points together and complete every story arc. It’s a rough ride but it’s finally over.

I’m hoping to eventually release a prequel to the series but that might not happen until I finish The Myth of Kalvartr, my high-fantasy novel (which is coming along quite nicely). I’ve probably said this in past posts, but I’d like to thank everyone over at Smashwords who’ve downloaded and read Kalvartr. You guys are great!

To celebrate the release of my new book, I’ve permanently dropped the prices on The Secret World of Dragons and The Secret World of Magic. (Prices might not change until sometime tomorrow, though!)

Anyway, I have to get started on formatting the printed copy. Still a lot of work left to do. I’ll probably be back later this week to blog about some of the TV finales that aired this month (Once Upon a Time, anyone??) and to post a few book reviews.

Later days,

~ Sandra


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