Book Promo + Designing my cover

Hi guys! Today until tomorrow “The Secret World of Dragons” is up on amazon for free. The last time I updated the book, something went horribly wrong and I feel I should push out some free copies to make it up to everyone!

If you don’t know what The Secret World of Dragons is just yet, it is my first young adult novel (and first novel in general). As the title suggests, it is centered in a world filled with dragons, but that world is on the verge of collapsing. Only the descendant of a dead hero can bring balance back to the world and save the dragons from extinction.

I am now working on the last book in the trilogy. I have said before that there will be a prequel, but that will not include Emma or many other characters you know. The last book (title not yet known) will be released later this year and this time around I am drawing my cover from scratch. There will be artwork! Yay!

Anyway, I will be back again later for a more interesting post. See you!

~ Sandra

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12 thoughts on “Book Promo + Designing my cover

  1. Hi Sandra,

    I just wanted to tell you that I think it’s so great that you’re working out a trilogy with your dragon series. It must be very exciting for you. Congratulations! I recently self-published a novel myself, and know how much hard work, time, effort, and energy it takes. Way to go!


    • Thanks so much! :) It’s hard sometimes but it’s always worth it in the end! And congrats to you, as well! I just popped over and had a look at Zeke’s Fate. I really like the cover. It would look excellent in hardcover format. :)


      • Thanks so much! I actually did have just ten copies bound in hardcover (the rest were paperbacks) for close friends and family…and one for myself of course. ;) Thanks for the kind comments. Your cover designs are great too!


      • Awesome! Did you get the hardcovers made online or locally? I’m just wondering if an online company can make hardcovers because I’ve been thinking about printing a few myself. And thanks for the cover compliments. :)


      • I did all my book binding through a company called They strictly do the binding – no editors, no tweaks, no proofreaders, nothing but binding. They were just exactly what I needed for my book. True to their name, they had my paperback books done and shipped within 48 hours, and I got them just a couple days after that. The hardcovers take 5 days to make and ship. They were reasonably priced, did a great job, and I am really happy with my books. The paper is of good quality, the colors are rich on the covers, the words are crisp, and the company was very helpful and friendly to work with. Definitely check it out and see what you think. I would most certainly recommend them! :)


      • I checked out that site but I must say, I found their prices to be a little too expensive for my liking. Createspace is a much cheaper site for ordering books, though they don’t have hardcover services. They also manage to mess up my delivery dates sometimes, though I think it’s because I live in Canada and the packages run into trouble when crossing the border. Otherwise, they’re pretty good with excellent customer service (books were two weeks late and I got a second shipment completely free). Maybe 48 Hour Books is more expensive because they have better quality printing and covers, though. If so, then perhaps I should consider switching printers. :/


      • The cost of hardcovers is fairly high, but I did find that they were among the most reasonably priced of all the printing services I checked into. That’s good to know about Createspace. They sound like a good printing company too. :)


      • That is nice. I wouldn’t mind having my book available at Amazon. If you don’t mind my asking, do you make many sales through Amazon? I’ve considered trying that route too, but wasn’t sure if it was worthwhile for me. If you’d rather not answer the question, no worries! I’ll understand. :)


      • Gosh, I completely overlooked this comment. Sorry! I make a few sales through Amazon every month. I don’t have a lot of promotional things going on, so I don’t get amazing results. But it’s definitely worthwhile! I remember once I did a KDP free day event that lasted for 3 days and I got over a thousand downloads on my book. Then the book is high in the charts after the sale is over and others simply buy it. So Amazon is definitely worth it. You should give it a try! :)


      • Congratulations on the sales you continue to make through Amazon! That’s excellent news! Thanks for letting me know; I may have to consider trying that sometime. I hope you continue to get many sales! Thanks for answering my question. :)


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