Reasons Why The Fire Emblem Awakening DLC Sucks

Hi there! I haven’t posted anything in a while. I’ve been busy writing and playing the newest Fire Emblem game. I made a post about it a while back and I was quite excited to finally get it. Yet there’s one thing that terribly bothers me about the whole game, and that’s the DLC.

This is the second game for the 3DS that allows downloadable content, and – like all customers – you want quality for your money. Unfortunately, despite Awakening’s great gameplay and storyline, the DLC sucks.

I recently purchased the first DLC (Champions of Yore) after seeing how neat the free downloadable Prince Marth character was. He was modeled perfectly, just the way he looks in his picture. Well, I thought to myself, “All of them must be like this! How cool!”

I was wrong.

You get each DLC character from beating a map. The first map offered Marth while the second and third maps give you Roy and Micaiah. When I got through the second map and was presented my character I was thoroughly disappointed. Not only did the picture not look like Roy but his character model was a generic mercenary. He wasn’t even wearing his signature headband! None of his clothes matched his picture and he didn’t talk!

Next I played the third map and received Micaiah. Another disappointment. She was dressed in the standard dark mage clothes and looked absolutely nothing like herself. I kept thinking, “Did I really pay for this nonsense?”

So, to sum things up … the characters are NOT modeled properly, they don’t speak, their pictures are different from what they actually look like, and they aren’t even in their proper classes. I mean, Micaiah is supposed to use light magic and healing spells! Nonsensical!

The spotpass characters are very much the same. None of them look anything like their original characters and some aren’t even classed right. They offer no support and no battle phrases. So I don’t even want to get those and play as them.

My verdict is this: if you want to play as your favourite old Fire Emblem characters, then go back and play the classic games. Don’t waste your money on the DLC. It’s terrible. It’s worse than terrible. It’s cheap and disappointing. Unless the minds behind the game decide to model and class the characters properly, I’m not buying another DLC pack.

I’ll just play out the rest of the game and pretend the disappointing DLC didn’t exist. Just as I pretended I didn’t waste my money on the Dragonborn DLC.


4 thoughts on “Reasons Why The Fire Emblem Awakening DLC Sucks

  1. well the future past dlc’s were actually good and completing the erika dlc unlocked the bride class and the one that I loved the most was the lyn dlc not only is she my favorite lord in the series after completing the map you get some heart warming dialogue when she thinks that the avatar is the tactician from FE7 not all of them are good but Marth’s, Erika’s, Lyns and all 3 of the future past dlc’s are worth the money


    • It was neat you got a new class with Eirika’s map but I was disappointed that they changed her class. She was supposed to be a lord. :/

      I never played the future past dlc. I think I had the game beaten by the time it came out so I didn’t hear about it until much later, but I did hear they were good! 🙂


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