Books I’ve Gathered Over the Weekend

So I managed to gather a few more books to read, as I tweeted yesterday. I absolutely LOVE book sales, and it seems Coles at the mall is always having one. Managed to get a few $5 and $2 steals! Grabbed a few fantasy novels, plus a few I usually never go for. Maybe you guys have read some of them before and can fill me in on if they are good or not!

The fantasy list consists of “The Unremembered” by Peter Orullian, “Speak to the Devil” by Dave Duncan, and “The Choir Boats” by Daniel A. Rabuzzi. I suppose the last one is fantasy. It seems that way, but I guess I won’t be completely sure until I start reading it.

The other two books are not fantasy, but looked equally intriguing to me. The first is “The Distant Hours” by Kate Morton (which is apparently the same author as “The Forgotten Garden, which I had almost bought instead!) and the second is “My Name is Memory” by Ann Brashares. I realize that this is the author of “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” and I don’t usually buy real-life books, but this novel seemed different. It has a touch of fantasy added to it, so I decided to pick it up. Plus, being $2 and all, how could I refuse?

So my gift card is all used up now, which makes me sad, but I think I managed to pick out some cool stuff. There were other interesting books there, but some were part of a series and so I didn’t want to grab the 5th book in. The books were 4/5 hardcovers too, which was a bonus! Hardcovers look nice on a bookshelf.

Anyway, progress on The Myth of Kalvartr is going well. I’m actually studying how to create neat looking maps at the Cartographer’s Guild. Anyone interested in creating maps should definitely check that site out. It’s fantastic!

The weekend is over tomorrow. That means back to writing! (not that I never write over the weekend)

See you!

~ Sandra

6 thoughts on “Books I’ve Gathered Over the Weekend

  1. Im a Kate Morton fan! Loved The Forgotten Garden but I will confess I had some trouble getting into The Distant Hours. I hope you enjoy them both as much as I did!
    I’ve got a stack of books waiting to delve into as well but I’m too scatterbrained as of late to read much of anything lol… guess I have a readers block! haha 🙂


    • The Forgotten Garden seemed really interesting, and the cover looked really cool as well! I was a little torn in which to get, but I will definitely go back to get that one sometime, especially after hearing it was good. haha! I have two other books to read too (that isn’t this list, of course!). I’m a little bit of an impulsive book buyer. haha So yes, I know what you mean when you say reader’s block. 😛


  2. I grabbed a couple of books on Friday! I love the bargain tables at Coles, haha.

    Picked up Major Karnage by Gord Zajac and How Firm A Foundation by David Webber, they are sci-fi novels.


    • Cool! I didn’t see many sci-fi novels. There wasn’t a large selection of the genres I like. I’m guessing most of the good stuff got taken by the time I checked out the table. Do you know if the table sales are a permanent thing now?


      • Awesome! Also, I realized today that even though wordpress said I was following you, I wasn’t receiving any emails for new posts. Turns out WordPress decided that I “never” needed new posts from your blog. haha Thanks WordPress.


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