New Cover Art + Holiday Talk

Hiya! Well, Christmas day is over. I think it has been a good year. I published two books, completing a life goal (now to further complete that goal and make it onto the bestseller’s list!) It somehow didn’t feel like Christmas this year. Perhaps because there was hardly any snow to be seen, and I didn’t get to take the new ski-doo out for a long ride. Disappointing.

Yet the Lord of the Rings movie marathon stood strong and scrabble night survived, so Christmas happened whether it felt like it or not. I think I spend too much time thinking that I lose track of time and what day or week it is. Perhaps that’s what happened to Christmas.

Either way, the year is drawing to a close and – by the way – we’re still alive! (Thought I’d throw that joke in there, even though you’ve all heard it a thousand times by now)

Not sure what the silliest theory I heard was. There was – of course – the zombie apocalypse, but there were others, too, such as asteroids, Yellowstone eruptions, the sun going out, invasions of sharp-clawed sloths …

Did anyone ever consider that the Mayans simply ran out of space upon their wall to write dates? Maybe that was it. Ah-ha!

Anyway, I decided to design some new concepts tonight (this morning?) and I came up with some very neat looking covers! Not book covers, but facebook and wordpress stuff. It was random and I had a lot of fun. I think it turned out pretty good.

You can check out my new art at The Secret World of Dragons facebook fanpage here: clicky words, clicky words!

It’s also on my blog so you can see it here (you know, for people who don’t like clicking scary blue words).

I’m having a good vacation so far, but I really did wish I would come home to snow (even though I hate it and wish it would all die a slow and burning death). šŸ™‚

Anyways, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

~ Sandra

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