Finally … the Sequel to The Secret World of Dragons

Hiya guys! Long time no post! I’m surprised I still remember the ins and outs of this site, since I went on a blog vacation a while back. But now I have returned … with good news! My novel “The Secret World of Dragons” is finally getting its sequel! It will be split into two parts, the first being released this month! The second is in production but will not be released until later.

As a little gift, I’m going to have some “free days” on my first novel on So for a few days before the release of the sequel, The Secret World of Dragons will be absolutely free on kindle! 🙂

The second book will be $2.99 like the first one, and will continue the journey of Emma and her friends as they fight to save Dragonis from the evil that threatens it. This book will have a darker theme than the first, as the characters are finally getting into fights, and even betrayals amongst their own. Characters will die, and the plot will be set up for the final part of the sequel.

Below is the cover of the first part of the sequel. I can’t wait to see it printed! 🙂

~ Sandra Harvey

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