Wrath of the Titans

Feel the wrath

So I went to see this movie on Tuesday (yesterday). I must say, it was MUCH better than Clash of the Titans. I guess I should explain why I have issues with that movie before I get into this one. (Also, there will be spoilers for the first movie)

Clash of the Titans started off good, it really did, and I had hopes that it would be a great movie because I really liked the Greek gods. I was introduced to some cool characters, like Perseus’ trainer. But when the movie neared its end, every character that I liked died. Actually, more to the point, every character that I liked and didn’t liked died. Everyone died. So there was Perseus, alone with his Pegasuses and sword to fight the Kraken. If I was expecting an epic battle, I was very wrong. Perseus did nothing but fly back to the city, where he showed the Kraken the head of Medusa and threw his sword at Hades to send him back to the Underworld.

That was it. That was the end of Clash of the Titans.

So, moving back to Wrath of the Titans …

Like I said above, this movie was much better. It starts off with Perseus and his son, showing how they live in their village as fishermen. Zeus comes to Perseus to tell him that the Gods are losing their powers and Titans are escaping their imprisonment. Perseus ignores him and continues life as is.

Though, while Perseus is living in contentment, Zeus is betrayed by his son, Ares, and captured by Hades. They plan on using his power to release Kronos – father of Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. This would mean total destruction of the world.

There is no moment that Liam Neeson cannot make epic.

So when a terrifying beast (top picture) attacks Perseus’s village, he takes his son far away and visits the temple closest to the heavens to speak with his father. Though, the message he receives is less than comforting, and so he must begin another quest to save the world. He teams up with the son of Poseidon, Queen Andromeda, and a very crazy weapon-maker.

Who knew "Jane Bennet" could be such a warrior?

This movie had a great cast of characters, the enemies were pretty awesome, and the 3d was great. I found myself jumping at some parts, like when a rock came hurtling at the screen or when the camera fell crazy heights through tunnels. Though, one thing I did not like was the camera angles in some parts. Sometimes it was hard to tell who Perseus was fighting or what was going on.

Yet the ending of this movie was so fulfilling, unlike its predecessor.

And of course, Kronos as the end fight was very cool.


This movie was mainly about Perseus’s love for his son, and the growing bond between a father and son. This is basically the constant theme throughout the entire movie, pushing Perseus forward to save his son and father.

I’m giving it a 4/5. Go see it. I guarantee you’ll like it.

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