The Amazon Issue with Author Reviews

I was completely blind to this at first, thinking to myself, “I hope I get good reviews and lots of people enjoy my book!” It never actually occurred to me to write my own review on my page. Why would it? For many other authors, though, it simply isn’t the case.

What I’m talking about is authors giving themselves 5-star reviews and competition 1-star reviews. I thought it was just a little thing, but apparently it’s quite common. I’ve seen several cases already on my own and lots of people on the kindle boards are talking about it.

From what I’ve gathered, authors are creating several fake accounts and ranking themselves 5-stars, while going to their competitors and giving them 1-star reviews. This is ridiculous to say the least. Do they not realize that people can easily tell that the author wrote those reviews? Just by looking at the writing style of the review, most people would know and turn away from that book.

I’ve even come across an author who didn’t even create a fake account, but posted a review on their wall (5-stars, of course) to not review their book, but to make a comment, defending themselves against critics and bashing out at readers. Is that really necessary? First off, if you want to make a comment, comment below the actual reviews and not create your own!

Secondly, don’t hate the readers! Some aren’t going to like your book. Some will. That’s how it works. Instead of hating, use that criticism for good use.

I really hate the fact that authors are trying to cheat their way into readers’ hands. It’s a terrible thing to do, but the world isn’t all sunshine and daises, after all.

~ Sandra


2 thoughts on “The Amazon Issue with Author Reviews

  1. Really? I never thought writers would be so…. dumb. That doesn’t do anything good for their reputation, does it? And if they only write bad reviews, then this is also stupid because people would get the opinion that the author himself/herself doesn’t enjoy literature at all! Even though I hope to publish my own book one day, it never occurred to me to give other writers a bad review. I love reading and I actually am a reviewer for a page that has contests. I enjoy it when I get to read great books and I love to help other writers with HONEST reviews, pointing out positive as well as negative aspects. I think this also helps me as a writer.


    • That’s great! I love it when writers help one another out without the deceit. Honestly is the best tool in this industry. It can really improve you and your writing. As to the people on amazon creating fake reviews, it is completely maddening. It doesn’t make sense and I wish they didn’t do it, but there is always someone out there who will. I don’t know if you’ve read this post ( but it’s even worse. Authors go to other author pages and post fake reviews to help them (and they didn’t even read the book!). It’s terrible. I don’t post many reviews on amazon because I buy my books at the bookstore and not online, but if an author asked me to review their book, there is no way I would be dishonest about it. That wouldn’t be fair to other readers.


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