Sherlock Holmes

A little late to be posting about this, but I finished the very first Sherlock Holmes book not too long ago. I’ve always been a fan of Sherlock (even without reading the books) and decided to buy the first adventure in the series.

My fandom began when I watched the old cartoon show, “Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century” (if anyone can remember it!). I loved it so much that when the actual Sherlock movie with Robert Downey Jr. came out, I was really excited to see it.

And guess what? I loved that too.

But back to the book.

I’ve never been one to read mystery novels, but something about this kind always intrigues me, especially when the line, “The game is afoot” is used.

I had a fun time following along with Sherlock and Watson as they uncovered the secrets of the case, trying to figure out myself how this person came to be at this specific place, or why this particular object was here, or how one could know who the culprit was with so little clues.

There was a point in the novel when Watson wasn’t narrating and it told how the criminal came to be one. At first I was a little hesitant to read this part, but as it went on, I found that part to be as equally important and compelling as the rest of the book. I even agreed with the criminal at the end, feeling as though the murder victims had justice done to them.

It is indeed a classic read, filled with fun twists and turns. I really loved it and will go back to buy the second mystery, “The Sign of Four”.

That’s all for now!

~ Sandra

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