Are you ready to embrace the magic?

A dying world calls for help, and one girl must answer to her ancestor’s mistakes. Travel with Emma as she embarks on an adventure beyond her wildest dreams. Discover the secrets of a world hidden within our own. To save the future, you must revisit the past.

Welcome to the secret world of dragons.

Come, embrace the magic.

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Hey guys! Making a late night post again (because hey, who needs sleep, right?)

I feel like my stack of books is continuously growing on top of my nightstand. I’m halfway through Sherlock Holmes, but I can’t find the time to finish the blasted thing! I really want to start reading The Hunger Games because I’d like to have that read before I go see the movie (whenever it comes out). But you see, I have this issue where I can’t start another book until I finish the first one or else I may never read it again!

Terrible dilemma.

So perhaps tomorrow I’ll take a break from this soul-sucking internet business (yes, it probably has my soul devoured by now, considering how much time I spend on here) to read Sherlock Holmes. By the way, has anyone checked out the Sherlock Holmes BBC show? It’s so good! Perhaps not as enjoyable as Merlin, but I like the Arthurian legends much more, so I guess it’s only fair.

Check it out if you haven’t seen it yet. It’s completely worth your time if you like a good mystery or two!

Anyway, time for bed I guess. I’d rather not strain my eyes for once.

G’night everyone!

~ Sandra

8 thoughts on “Are you ready to embrace the magic?

  1. Sherlock is amazing, Benedict Cumberbatch is a brilliant actor, and I personally want him to be the next Doctor in Doctor Who.

    Merlin is also really good, but it took way to long for the story to progress into anything more than an episodic monster hunter.


    • I like how he can memorize and speak so many words in such a short amount of time. It’s impressive.

      Merlin did take a long time to get into the story, but the season that just ended was really good. Everything that was spoken about in the first and second season just suddenly happened. I have a feeling it’s going to go back to a Smallville-like slowness now, though.


      • I can’t remember if I told you to try the Camelot series Starz put out?

        It’s a little more, adult than Merlin but if you can get past that the story was quite a good take on the Arthurian legend.

        Only one season, it didn’t fair well competing with Game of Thrones and was cut from the Starz list of returning shows.


      • Yeah, we had the episode ready to watch but didn’t for some reason. Perhaps now that Sherlock and Merlin is over for this year, I’ll take a look at Camelot, even if it is only just one season.


  2. I’m like you… one book at a time. I like the Sherlock Holmes stories; used to watch a series years ago with my parents, but the actor died. I’ve forgotten his name. Enjoyed the movies with Robert Downey Jr. Haven’t seen this latest tv series though.


    • The new BBC series has three episodes in each season (currently with three seasons, I think) and each episode is about an hour and twenty minutes long. So it’s really like watching a movie. It’s worth the time, though. Really good series.

      The Sherlock Holmes movies are fantastic! I love the way Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law play off of each other.


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