Dark Souls … Not So Dark

So I’ve recently started playing Dark Souls on the Xbox, and I noticed that the game is much less dark than Demon’s Souls. In that game, I was apprehensive to take two steps into a dark, forgotten alleyway. In this game, however, I run into a hoard of enemies like it’s no big deal.

And truthfully … it isn’t as hard as they say.

Don’t look at me like that. It’s true.

Everyone is always saying that this game is super hard, the bosses are insane, and blah, blah, blah. It’s really not that bad at all. So far, I’ve only died once and it was because I pressed a few wrong buttons against a giant black-armored foe.

The game is easily enough to understand. Right triggers/bumpers are for right-handed weapons, and left triggers/bumpers are for left-handed weapons. I had a rough time getting used to this at the very start of the game because I was playing Jak and Daxter the day before and attacks on that game are the square and circle buttons.

Bonfires are used to restore health, level up, and make yourself human again (amongst other things). I must admit, even though the game saves everywhere (even right in the middle of death, apparently), I feel a little safer when I reach an area with a bonfire.

The bosses are all huge, with even huger weapons. Two or three swings and you’re dead, so make haste and roll away from them!

I found the winged spear to be a great weapon in the game. In order to get it, you have to run through the graveyard near the start of the game (right after you get through the undead asylum). You can both block and attack, so it’s a great defensive weapon.

Co-op I discovered was lame. Up to three people can join your world, but they are only there to help you kill the bosses. There is no free-roaming, like I had hoped. Once the boss is dead, your friends go back to their own worlds, but at least with their rewards from the fight.

I had expected a little more from this game, to be honest. I really wanted to see some sort of resistance place, a town of some sort, that had normal people and not things that tried to kill you. Perhaps it could have been hidden away and you would have to discover it, and while you were there you could rest and stock up on items. But no, so far there is just undead as far as the eye can see.

Another annoying feature is when you kill something and walk over it, the body seems to dance around on the ground like a rag-doll, as though there was no gravity.

Despite these things, however, I do enjoy the game. It has a beautiful world (even though it’s very grim [but that’s the point]) with lots of twists and turns. I would have liked it to be more open, but I think it’s fine the way it is. I mean, if it were like Skyrim, for instance, that would be ridiculous. But the world does justice to the grim theme. It’s ruined and eerie, filled with many types of things that want to destroy your humanity.

I like that your flasks (basically health restorers) refill whenever you get to a bonfire. It makes the game much more easy to navigate when you don’t have to worry about picking up health items.

Overall, I liked it, and perhaps I should give Demon’s Souls another run.

Well, maybe. I don’t like being scared.

~ Sandra


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