Birthday Soon! + David’s Tea

Only four days until my birthday! Then it’s supper with friends and perhaps a movie. Also, my book proof arrives on my birthday! So a lot of fun things will be happening at once.

Also, my boyfriend got me a violin! Which is awesome, because I’ve always wanted to learn how to play. It’s challenging, though, so I’ll have to constantly practice. I think it’ll be worth it in the end. : )

Tried David’s Tea today. I tried it before and it was terrible, so I got kind of turned off from it (a blend called Dragonwell. Yes, I like dragons). But I tried something called “orange blossom” today and it was delicious! So I think I’ll go back and experiment some more in the next few weeks.

Tomorrow I’m heading up to my book/coffee store. Going to do some more writing, I suppose. Things are looking good for my next manuscript. Perhaps I’ll send it down to DAW Fantasy to see if they like it enough to publish it.

Anyway, enjoy your night guys.

~ Sandra

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