Skyrim Glitch … in the Main Quest!?

I’ve been so neglectful of my blog lately. Probably because I’ve been extremely busy with my workterm/Skyrim/Skyward Sword.

Anyway …

The newest Elder Scrolls game has a glitch in the main quest it seems. After agreeing to have a peace treaty, the Greybeard tells me to go speak with the general and Ulric Stormcloak. Well that’s all good and easy … except after I speak with the Stormcloak guy, the general won’t even speak with me unless I join the legion! And when I join the legion and tell him about the peace treaty, the quest doesn’t update and the general will no longer speak to me again!

So … I am stuck in an endless loop, it appears, with no other option but to restart my game or wait for a patch to fix this.

I know some game companies like to give their players a challenge, but to make things impossible? … Well, that isn’t very fair. >: (

Oh well. Back to Skyward Sword, I guess.

~ Sandra


6 thoughts on “Skyrim Glitch … in the Main Quest!?

  1. I have the EXACT same problem. I don’t want to start over. Ive already put in 30+ hours. have u found a solution yet? I’ve tried going back a few saved games and fighting the ice wraith earlier then attempting the treaty part but no luck. I am PISSED off


    • Okay, here’s what I did.

      I joined the legion (which I didn’t want to do) and then waited until all the legion quest updates were gone off my screen (very important). Then I talked to the general again and told him about the treaty. Make sure you pick the option, “from a position of strength,” and not anything about Ulfric.

      Wait for the quest update to change and make sure you check it to see if it worked. DO NOT ask the girl for another legion quest, whatever you do, or even speak with her. It will glitch the treaty quest.

      Then you should be fine and you can run up to the Greybeards to have the meeting.


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