The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

So I’m not sure how many gamers are out there, writing and/or reading blogs, but I figured I might as well write in my thoughts on various games. I play a lot of video games so it only makes sense to write up a few posts from time to time.

What I – along with many others – am looking forward to next month is the fifth Elder Scrolls game, Skyrim. I played through the fourth game not too long ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. There’s something about having free control over every single thing you do that I really like about this series. I loved Oblivion, and Skyrim promises so much more, according to the developers.

I watched the various game reviews on youtube, all commentated by the makers of the game, and was very surprised (and very much excited) at all the new content available. The graphics have all been improved, making the game look and feel much more realistic than before. Dungeons have been given a new engine, each one different from the other, unlike Oblivion, where every fifth dungeon you entered was the same as the first.

There are new races and new guilds to check out, as well as an interesting new feature called “dragon shouts”, which you can collect throughout the game in various locations. These shouts are all different and there are over twenty of them in the game. They give you special powers, such as invincibility, ice that can freeze enemies, and the ability to summon your own dragon to help you fight.

Speaking of dragons, there are a LOT of them in this game. You will have to fight and defeat dragons in the wild, and even in cities! You will befriend a single dragon to help you in your quest, who can even fight other dragons! Your character is Dragonborn, which means “born with the soul of a dragon”. This allows you to collect dragon souls, which are obtained after killing a dragon and can be used to unlock the dragon shouts.

Your character in this game can wield two weapons now instead of one! Or two spells. The third person perspective is improved significantly, making it more fun to play in that mode instead of first person. The weapon actions look better, as well as movement. Since I like playing in third person more, this is quite exciting for me.

There is also the new level up feature. In this game, you can shape your character the way you want him/her to be shaped. Instead of picking a class at the beginning, you choose (over the progress of your adventure) how you want your character to grow. I really like this new feature. I think it will be much better than the old way.

Skyrim’s release date is the 11th of November, which is about two weeks away. I know I’ll be there on that day to pick up a copy. I also know that it’s going to consume lots of hours of my life for a few weeks. Oh well.

Check out the trailer at “” to see for yourself! Trust me, it’s a must buy on your list of games!

~ Sandra

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