Completed Manuscript … yay! : )

I’m finally done editing my manuscript! Such an exciting accomplishment! Now all that’s left is to publish it.

… Well.

This, I suppose, will be the hardest part. I’m not exactly well-educated on how to get the required task done. So it leaves me to massive amounts of researching about publishing and companies that publish worldwide. I don’t have an agent, so that instantly makes my chances to get published much harder.

There are, however, some companies that require no agents! So that will be my first choice, of course. I just hope they’ll take a liking to my book! *fingers crossed*

I think I would classify my book as young adult fiction, so I’m looking for companies that specialize mainly in that genre. (Though any company would be nice, I guess.)

If anyone out there has had a book published before, is in the publishing industry, or is just very knowledgeable in the area, please drop me a line! Let me know how it’s done and the best ways for me to go about it! I would really appreciate the info. : )

Anyway, I’m done for the day. I’ll leave you guys with a picture of what I’d like my cover to look like. Enjoy! : )

2 thoughts on “Completed Manuscript … yay! : )

  1. Congratulations on completing your manuscript, Sandra! That takes a lot of work and dedication. You can be proud to have come this far! I am not experienced in the publishing world, so all I can say is good luck!


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