Introductions are in Order

Goblins burrowed in the earth, elves sang songs in the trees: Those were the obvious wonders of reading, but behind them lay the fundamental marvel that, in stories, words could command things to be.

–          Fancis Spufford, “The Child That Books Built”

Hello, my name is Sandra Harvey and this is my first day as a blogger. The idea came to me while sitting at Pizza Delight with my boyfriend today. I was thinking on all the ways to make my writing more well-known to the world, and it occurred to me that blogging could be a fine starting point.

Although I’m completely new to this online writing stuff, I think I’ll try what comes naturally to me: write what I feel. I guess for my first post I will talk a little about myself and what I like to do.

(I’m not a big fan of talking about myself, but for the sake of trying something new, I’m going for it.)

I live in the small city of St. John’s, NL. Not much happens in the run of a day here, but I love the city life. I go to a school here in the city, studying Graphic Design. Creating posters is interesting in its own way, but what I would really like to be is a writer. I hope to attend university soon to extend my skills even further.

Besides the obvious stated above, I also enjoy reading, drawing, digital colouring, horseback riding, video games, watching movies, the outdoors, and – recently – healthy food cooking (seriously, it’s much more fun than making anything that’s bad for your health).

Also, I love puppies, and would love to have one except my apartment building won’t allow pets. Very sad.

I do freelance work in both Writing and Graphic Design (which includes anything from posters to business cards to logos). I really enjoy creating things, so look me up if you need something done! I’ll be happy to assist you for a price (bills to be paid, you know). 😉

Drifting back to my earlier interests listed, I mentioned that I enjoyed to read. Though I haven’t been able to find any good books lately. If anyone has any ideas please let me know! I’d love to sit down with a good read again. My latest finished book was Shadowheart by Tad Williams, which is part of the Shadowmarch series. I really like fantasy novels, so anything in that genre would be great!

Anyway, to sum it all up, I’m a graphic designer from St. John’s with a passion to write. This is my very first post and I hope I’ve done a decent job captivating you for now. Until next time, farewell!

~ Sandra

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