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50 Shades of Grey Review

Well, tonight I am doing a review of 50 Shades of Grey. So much variation. Let me get straight into this long review.


#050505 – The darkest grey, closest to black.

#0A0A0A – Sounds like the lyrics to a Marianas Trench song…

#0F0F0F – Slowly getting lighter..

#141414 – Upside down it looks like “hihihi”

#191919 – The last of your teenage years

#1E1E1E – Almost there…

#232323 – My current age

#282828 – This is a good colour

#2D2D2D – Not as good as 3D

#323232 – Deja vu…

#373737 – A grey overcast, depressing

#3C3C3C – Explosive

#414141 – A dimly lit room

#464646 – Someone forgot to close the curtains in that room

#4B4B4B – Bingo!

#505050 – Halfway to a hundred

#555555 – Just a boring, repeated number

#5A5A5A – Getting lighter now

#5F5F5F – I’m sure that was a TV channel when I was younger

#646464 – I really liked the Nintendo 64, though this colour is a little lighter than the console

#696969 – A nice car colour to be sure

#6E6E6E – Angry storm clouds

#737373 – Wet rocks on a mountainside

#787878 – Pebbles in the brook?

#7D7D7D – The future of 3D

#828282 – Running out of grey things…

#878787 – Your grandmother’s hair

#8C8C8C – Wolf fur

#919191 – The  gleaming moon

#969696 – The moonlight gleaming

#9B9B9B – The moonlight gleaming upon the back of a wolf

#A0A0A0 – A-oh, a-oh, a-oh

#A5A5A5 – All I see is “as”

#AAAAAA – That’s a lot of A’s

#AFAFAF – Any moment now the dark grey will fade

#B4B4B4 – Texting slang

#B9B9B9 – Light grey is the way to go

#BEBEBE – Be yourself, like this colour is doing

#C3C3C3 – More explosive

#C8C8C8 – Night turning to morning

#CDCDCD – Remember those?

#D2D2D2 – Rain clouds, but not so angry

#D7D7D7 – A mellow grey

#DCDCDC – A district that is not grey

#E1E1E1 – The colour of a little mouse

#E6E6E6 – Okay, really, enough grey things. I’m sick of grey now.

#EBEBEB – A metallic colour

#F0F0F0 – This grey is much too bright

#F5F5F5 – Fluffy clouds, not angry at all

#FAFAFA – Nice layers of snow


Okay! I’m done! Phew, that was a lot of colours! Glad it’s over with.

~ Sandra

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Hello, my name is Sandra Harvey and I love to write! I also enjoy graphic design and create my own book covers. I currently live in Canada and blog in my spare time, which lets me vent out a few thoughts and express myself more-so than I would in the real world. Enjoy reading!

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  1. This cracked me up! Very nicely played. ;)


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