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Upcoming Fantasy Novel – FREE Chapters on Smashwords!

Hi guys! So I am going to offer everyone a sneak peek at my new upcoming fantasy novel, “The Myth of Kalvartr”! Since Amazon won’t allow me to put free books up, I uploaded it to Smashwords instead! I am working on getting it over to Amazon, though, so be patient!

To get a glimpse of what my story is like, head on over to Smashwords (this link) to find out! It’s completely free and gives you the first 50 or so pages of my novel to read. There are four viewpoints available to read (my four main characters, though there may be more!).

Also, if you aren’t a part of Smashwords and would rather download the book on my blog, then here it is in PDF format: The Myth of Kalvartr

Hopefully you guys will like it! Enjoy the read!

~ Sandra Harvey

P.S. To learn more about The Myth of Kalvartr, you can always come back to my blog. OR you can go to the facebook fan page (Kalvartr on Facebook), my Twitter account (@sandrasstories), or my personal website (

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About Sandra's Stories

Hello, my name is Sandra Harvey and I love to write! I also enjoy graphic design and create my own book covers. I currently live in Canada and blog in my spare time, which lets me vent out a few thoughts and express myself more-so than I would in the real world. Enjoy reading!

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